The UBC Peter Wall Institute will host an international research roundtable entitled Seafood in an Uncertain Future: From Scenarios to Policies. from December 9-12, 2014. This novel collaboration, featuring international experts from a variety of backgrounds—natural and social scientists, representatives from government and non-government organizations, journalists, and artists— will present and synthesize ideas pertaining to the current and future state of the world’s fisheries. Using their academic and personal experiences, participants will address the following question: Do we have enough seafood to feed the world’s demand in an era of climate change?

Specifically, roundtable discussions will:
• Advance our current understanding of the multi-dimensional linkages between climate change and the world’s seafood production systems;
• Develop potential scenarios of future ocean fisheries and aquaculture systems, taking into account the tradeoffs between our need for food, conservation of the marine environment, and the preservation of coastal livelihoods;
• Explore policies for marine climate change adaptation and risk mitigation (including the identification of long-term research directions);
• Develop a new approach for communicating tradeoffs and scenarios to policy makers and the public at large.

Traditionally, scientific ideas and work have been channeled through established academic approaches, thus reaching a very narrow audience. In the spirit of the Peter Wall Institute, a public event will be held on Dec. 11, during which artists and musicians will use their diverse talents to express the underlying scientific discourse and themes of the meeting. The overarching goal of this event is to serve as the foundation of broader interdisciplinary collaborations across scientific and artistic communities. Only together can we begin to tackle the urgent problems facing our oceans, seafood, and climate.

Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies International Research Roundtable
The International Research Roundtable program was created to offer unique opportunities for UBC and international scholars to explore big ideas, and examine pressing social, health, economic or other research questions, creating the foundation for new and innovative research. The Institute encourages both basic and applied research, and the Roundtable program has been designed to catalyse the development of new knowledge and potential solutions to important problems. The International Research Roundtables have brought together leading scholars, policy makers, scientists and artists from across the globe to develop serious research plans to address specific problems that require interdisciplinary thinking.  Roundtables include public events to capture the imagination through lectures and performances that convey the importance of the research, and to set scholars and graduate students on new trajectories in their research.